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Month: July 2022

How to make crowdfunding work for your business

Friday, July 15th, 2022

Peloton is worth more than $3bn, sustainable sneaker firm Allbirds is worth $300m and Oculus was bought by Facebook in 2014 for $2bn – but they all started life as crowdfunding campaigns. It’s a way of raising investment from members of the public inspired by your ideas and it’s now well-established as a potential route [Read more…]

Want a pay rise? Here’s how to ask for it

Friday, July 15th, 2022

Soaring inflation and rising bills have the question of pay rises on everyone’s minds right now. While the Bank of England has pleaded for pay restraint to avoid fuelling inflation further, anyone seeing their salary rise by less than around 10% is likely to see their spending power decrease this year.   But many of [Read more…]

6 ways to make your workplace greener

Friday, July 15th, 2022

Want to make your office (or even your home office) a more eco-friendly environment? More and more businesses are adopting greener policies. Find out what you could be doing – it’s easier than you might think.   Unplug – save electricity by unplugging everything at the end of the day. During the day, only turn [Read more…]

The best jobs you can do from anywhere in the world

Friday, July 15th, 2022

Forget WFH, and say hello to WFA – Work From Anywhere. With the help of forward-thinking companies, some workers are taking advantage of the remote revolution to live the digital nomad life trekking from place to place, or simply moving to a place in the sun.   It’s not always simple – you’ll need to [Read more…]

How to create a long-term career strategy

Friday, July 15th, 2022

Setting a long-term career strategy gives focus to your hard work. Having a plan means that will be following your ideal direction and are less likely to get blown off course or side-tracked by career and life events – good or bad!. Here’s some thoughts on how to decide what you really want and figure [Read more…]