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The top 10 podcasts for mental well-being

Looking after your mental well-being is arguably just as important as taking care of your physical health. What is mental well-being? The phrase simply refers to how you are feeling and how well you are coping with the ups and downs of day-to-day life. Are you feeling stressed? Confident? Productive? Anxious? Able to engage with the world around you? Do you have a good work-life balance? Are you getting enough sleep?


When we are mentally well, we can cope with life’s challenges, work productively, and enjoy fulfilling relationships. On the other hand, when our mental health is poor, we may struggle with anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues, which can significantly impact our quality of life.


If you want to take better care of your mental well-being – whether you’re looking to reduce stress, improve your relationships, or simply feel more grounded and present – there’s a podcast that can help. Here are our top 10 favourites.


  1. The Mindful Minute: This daily podcast offers a quick, guided meditation to help you start your day off right. Each episode is just a few minutes long, making it easy to fit into your busy schedule.


  1. Happier with Gretchen Rubin: Hosted by bestselling author Gretchen Rubin, who presents each episode with her sister, Elizabeth Craft, a self-professed self-help sceptic this podcast. This show is all about finding happiness in the everyday. Each episode offers practical tips and insights on how to live a more fulfilling life.


  1. The Anxiety Guy: If you struggle with anxiety, this podcast is for you. Hosted by Paul Colaianni, this show offers practical strategies and techniques for managing anxiety and living a more peaceful life.


  1. The Science of Happiness: This podcast explores the latest research on happiness and well-being and offers practical tips on how to apply this research to your own life.


  1. The One You Feed: This podcast explores the idea that we all have two wolves inside of us: a negative wolf and a positive wolf. Each episode offers practical strategies for feeding the positive wolf and cultivating mental well-being.


  1. The School of Greatness: This podcast is all about personal development and self-improvement. Hosted by Lewis Howes, it features interviews with successful people from all walks of life, and offers practical insights on how to live a fulfilling and meaningful life.


  1. The TED Radio Hour: This weekly podcast features TED talks on a variety of topics, including mental well-being. Each episode is built around a theme and includes talks from experts on that theme.


  1. The Mental Illness Happy Hour: This podcast covers all things mental health and is hosted by comedian Paul Gilmartin. Each episode features an interview with a guest who shares their particular experiences with mental illness.


  1. Happy Place: TV presenter Fearne Cotton tackles topics like life, love and loss by interviewing famous and inspiring people about their own strategies for happiness. The interviews examine how they look at life, changes in their lives, and major issues they’ve had to overcome.


  1. The Minimalists: Hosted by Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus, who have written several books (read by millions), given TED Talks, and even have a documentary on Netflix, all on the subject of minimalism. Each episode focuses on how you can apply minimalism to a different aspect of your life such as career, priorities, stress, happiness and de-cluttering. It’s a great listen if you want to learn how to live more deliberately, recover more time for yourself and foster your own personal growth.



There are many great podcasts out there that focus on mental well-being. Whether you’re looking for guided meditations, practical tips, or inspiring stories, there’s a podcast that can help you on your journey towards greater mental health and happiness.


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