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How Work Experience Programmes Can Grow Your Business and Develop Future Talent

The advantages of work experience for students are widely recognised. It gives them a valuable peek into the professional world, the opportunity to investigate a particular industry and role, and the ability to build confidence and enhance their future career prospects.

However, have you considered the substantial benefits that hosting a work experience programme can offer to you as an employer?

No matter whether you run a small enterprise or are a key player in a global organisation, hosting a work-experience student from your former college can be valuable for your business.


Below are five ways in which offering work experience can be mutually beneficial:

  1. A helping hand from a motivated, committed individual

Students are well aware of how valuable a successful work experience placement is to their CV. This drives them to fully engage when given the opportunity to shine in a real-world environment, aiming to make a useful contribution to your business.

Also, as they test the waters of potential career paths, they can show an enthusiasm and keenness that every company likes to see in an employee. Who knows, you may even decide to offer them a permanent position.

  1. Leadership development for your Team

A work experience programme can serve as an excellent platform for your current team to hone their leadership skills. By giving them an organisational, supervisory, or mentoring role in your work experience programme, your employees will get invaluable hands-on training. This is particularly beneficial for smaller companies who may not have the resources for a formal training programme.


  1. Encouraging Tomorrow’s Industry Pioneers

Beyond serving as an excellent pipeline for fresh talent, your work experience initiative offers a golden opportunity to mentor, inspire and influence young people and bolster your reputation as a leader within your industry or the local community.

Those who benefit from your work experience placements will likely remember your support as they progress in their careers. This gratitude can translate into future relationships, recommendations for your company, or valuable networking connections.


  1. A unique perspective

Having a fresh perspective around the office may provide you with a unique insight into improving your processes, technology and innovation.

According to ComScore, a company that measures audiences, brands and consumer behaviour, younger people generally have a natural aptitude for technology, and today’s education is focussing more and more on training the next generation to lead the digital revolution. Millennials are often more comfortable with new technological trends and find it easier to grasp new technology.


  1. A cost-effective recruitment channel

Offering work experience is a relatively inexpensive way to discover fresh talent for your company. You don’t have to pay for a recruitment company, and hiring graduates can be more cost-effective than recruiting experienced professionals.

It’s also worth noting that going on to hire your work experience students may provide an opportunity to develop the type of employee that you want in your business, shaping a new professional to fit in with your work culture and skills gaps.


If you would like to learn more about offering a work experience placement for one of our current students, please click here.

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